and we are so thankful for you!

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Getting to be with our couples and friends in these most precious times is a gift I don't think we were prepared for all those years ago. Almost 400 weddings are under our belt but every single one hits us right in the feels. Not because weddings are sweet, because obviously they are. Not because it's a perfect day, because it will be.. But because we get to be there in the quiet times, in the exciting times, in the crying times, in the laughing times. We get to be there with you and your mama, you and your bridesmaids. We get to share in the moment with you when you first lay eyes on each other. We get to be there for every single second of it with y'all and that we'll never tire. We are so grateful!

I just turned 30 which means I have officially spent one third of my life over here, laughing like a fool, telling groomsmen to put their hands in their pockets, and wiping tears from my eyes while dads dance with their daughters.! The best part of my job is that I get to do it with my sweet husband. We are so different. Like day and night but that man gets me. He lets me dream big but holds my hand when those dreams are scary. He's quiet but his presence is always known and I can truly say he makes me the best version of myself. I want to be your wedding day fairy godmother, your honorary bridesmaid, your mamas friend, and your confidant(and if i'm being honest I want to come hang out and be there as you become a mama and capture all of life's sweet moments thereafter)

My days are filled being a full time mama to my mini BFF, Hallie. Her and I love to bake, watch movies and are either at Disneyland or planning our next trip to go. I didn't know how much I could love someone until they laid her little 7 pound self on my chest almost three years ago and let me tell you, team, my heart jumped out of my chest and I've never been the same. 

encourager, optomist, honorary bridesmaid

Meet Britney...

Hey, Ben!

Hey, Brit!

Meet Ben...

tarno tosser, dad of the year, wanna be PGA professional

My main goal in this life is to make my girls laugh. I make sure all things of Britney's are put together and that she has everything she needs because that girl would lose her head if it weren't attached to her body. I like to golf, I like to fish, pretty much if I'm outside, I'm happy..
I toss the veils, carry the bags, walk the bride to her first look and get THE shot at every wedding. 

My girl Hal is the light of my life, my caddy and putting buddy. She makes me exactly who I was meant to be. 

Also, Weddings make me cry, but it's fine I'll blame it on my allergies.